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Storecards which serve as a store-of-value for your boutique, pharmacy, shop or supermarket are sure to give you repeat business, loyal customers and new business. Sometimes when stocking up your supermarket inventory, you get goods at a bargain price ~ often better than other shops. Put them on a flyer, print a few sheets and leave on your checkout counter or advertise on your website, and sell at a small discount. Use flyers to attract new customers. Then offer customers your shop's Points Cards.

Say for every #100 spent, customers get 1 point which you put on their Shop Points Card that you issue customers. They will always come back to amass more points. Another NFC card you can offer is your Stores Gift Cards, meaning users can load gift amounts on new cards and give out as gifts. The gifted person can only redeem it at your store. It can also be used as a Store Card where customers can load large amounts and use it to shop in the future.

Store Cards where money is loaded on a card for future use means that the business has more working capital. Imagine the impact of say 200 people loading various amounts on their Store cards. Points Cards means customers are loyal to your store. Gift Cards bring more customers. Flyers facilitate the process. Whichever way, your business is booming, adding new locations and growing!

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How It Works