Two types of restaurants

Pay before service

For restaurants and mobile kiosks who collect money upon service, they simply need the Office247 app installed on their Android phones or Tablets to serve as their checkout counter with the ability to CAPTURE transactions by touch-screen.

Pay after service

For restaurants who collect money after service, they can either use FULL automation, which means WAITERS use our SelfServe app to take orders and Cashiers use the Office247 app to book it OR they use PARTIAL AUTOMATION which means waiters use their current manual notebooks and cashiers use Office247 to book it.

Restaurant loyalty cards Buy Now

If clients know they can get 'points' each time they come to the restaurant which they can redeem in future for some value, they will keep coming back. Your Restaurant Loyalty Cards are the keys to repeat business.

Your Restaurant Cards are a store-of-value card, so clients can load money onto them which they spend. Your cards keep them coming back.

Restaurant Cards are a source for working capital which means your restaurant has more capital for growth. imagine 200 patrons loading their cards and you begin to appreciate what it does for your growth.