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Hotel loyalty cards

Your Hotel's Loyalty Cards are a store-of-value card, so clients can load money onto them which they spend throughout the hotel. Your cards keep them coming back.

If clients know they can get 'points' for each stay, which they can redeem in the future for some value, they will keep coming back. Your Hotel Loyalty Cards are the keys to repeat business.

Hotel Cards mean working capital which when excess means your hotel has more capital for growth. Whether it is for your restaurant, nightclub, or hotel, imagine 200 guests loading their cards and you begin to appreciate what it does for you.

How It Works

Hotel POS system

Office247app runs on any Android system. It also integrates wirelessly to a mobile printer, and to a POS payment processor.

On the ERP Office247 app, Managers, Owners, get alerts on every transaction within the hotel. They get auto-reports on sales across all divisions and get over 11 reports: From inventory to Client reports including Budgets and Accounting - ensuring you get the growth you deserve.

Office247app runs on any Android system. So whether you prefer to use a phone, tablet or monitor, office247 does it for you.

How It Works