"Our mission is to expand our customer base, penetrate the Unbanked Market and generate more transactional revenue"

How It Works

Getting the unbanked market

"Mission is possible with NFC Store of Value Card Technology"

Commercial banks process customer transactions in the bank or at checkout counters. The MFB can now also process transactions, and because it is a mobile solution, it can be processed on the field or at the customers' location.

How It Works

Getting the transaction processing market

For the Processing Mkt

Commercial banks reach into every community through their cardholders. MFB's can now partake in this billion dollar card processing market by extending their new cards platform to their merchants and then reconciling transactions made at their locations' by the MFB's cardholders.

  • Cards give customers confidence.
  • Increase in customer deposit.
  • Increase in customer penetration.
  • Customer fees mean more revenue.
  • More revenue from merchant processing fees.
  • MFB is on par with Commercial banks.
  • Agents cover more territory in the same time.
  • Stakeholder alerts increase Mgt efficiencyā€ˇ.
  • Time-logs of transactions tell agent story.
  • Central Bank of Nigeria says the card processing market was over N167 billion in 2017.

Size of the global unbanked market

  • Global = 1.4billion people.
  • China = 225million
  • India =190million
  • Bangladesh =
  • Pakistan =100 million
  • Indonesia with 95 million
  • Nigeria = 60million

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