If clients know they can get 'points' each time they come to the restaurant which they can redeem in future for some value, they will keep coming back. Your Restaurant Loyalty Cards are the keys to repeat business.

Supermarket Loyalty Cards

SP01 Loyalty Cards (white)
These are the blank loyalty cards for your customers. They are not customized in your company colours
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SP01bCard Customization
Customization to company colours if needed. Send design to design@secure-z.com
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SPA01Apps & Platform
Writer app, Reader app, Mgt app are licensed per the number of loyalty card holders you require. Price is per year.
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Office247app integrates wirelessly to a mobile printer, and to a POS payment processor.

Supermarket POS

SPPO1Apps & Platform
Office247 app is licensed per user Price is per month paid yearly.
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HTPSSLicence of Selfserve app
Selfserve can be used by any business that wants customers to serve themselves, print receipts, and get service. Each such terminal will need 1 license. Or if a staff helps to serve them. For example, waiters. In that case, each waiter will then need a license.
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HTPHHMobile handheld printer
Ideally, each terminal will need a printer. E.g. checkout counters at a supermarket. However, because it is wireless and connects remotely by Bluetooth, printers can be shared. E.g. Salons, Restaurants, mobile kiosks, etc.
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HTSPSetup and Support
Daily costs to provide support and setup for the business. Ideally, a small business will take 1 day.
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